Cabinet Resolution No. 35 of 2010 on the Formation of Rental Dispute Resolution Committees (Repealed) 35 / 2010
Number of Articles: 5
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The Council of Ministers,
Having perused the Constitution,
Law No. 4 of 2008 on leasing real estate, as amended;
Emiri Resolution No. 29 of 1996 on the resolutions of the Council of Ministers submitted to the Emir for ratification and issuance, Council of Ministers Resolution No. 36 of 2008 on the formation of a Rental Dispute Resolution Committees, as amended by Resolution No. 42 of 2009, Council of Ministers Resolution No. 37 of 2008 on the rules and procedures to be followed before the Rental Dispute Resolution Committees, and
The proposal of the Minister of Municipality and Urban Planning,
Hereby resolves as follows: 


Article 1 (Amended By Cabinet Decision 40/2011)

Date of entry into force: 14/09/2011
Five (5) rental dispute resolution committees shall be formed in the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, as follows:

First Committee:
1 - Mr Abdullah Ibrahim Mohannadi, Chairman
2 - MrsNofAbdulrahman Abdullah al-Maliki, Member
3 - Mr Nabil Mohammed Ahmed Badr, Member.

Second Committee:
1 - MrJassim Abdullah SheridaMohannadi, Chairman
2 - MrJassim Abdullah Talib  Al Mahanna, Member
3 - Mr Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Hammadi, Member.

Third Committee:
1 - Mr Ali Khamis Al Sulaiti,Chairman
2 - Mr Nasser Mohammed SaeedAl Jubara, Member
3 - MrHamad Mohammed MutiebAlassaaq, Member.

Fourth Committee:
1 - Mr Nasser IssaKhulaifi, Chairman
2 - MrSaeedSaeedNaflAl Dosari,Member
3 - Mr Mubarak Salem SaeedAl Nabit,Member.

Fifth Committee:
1 - MrGhanemThamer Nasser Hamidi,Chairman
2 - Mr Abdullah Salham Eid al-Qubaisi, Member
3 - Mr Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Al Mohannadi, Member.


Article 2

Each committee shall have a secretariat, consisting of one or more employees of the staff of the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning, whose assignment and remuneration shall be determined by a resolution of the Minister.


Article 3

Each committee chairman shall be entitled to a monthly allowance of Five Thousand (5,000) Riyals, and each committee member shall receive a monthly allowance of Four Thousand (4,000) Riyals.


Article 4


Article 5

All competent authorities, each in its respective jurisdiction, shall enforce this Resolution from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.


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