Law No. 24 of 2009 Amending Certain Provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law Promulgated by Law No. 23 of 2004 24 / 2009
Number of Articles: 2
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We, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Deputy Emir of Qatar,
Having perused the Constitution,
The Penal Code No. 11 of 2004, as amended by Law No. 28 of 2006,
The Criminal Procedure Law promulgated by Law No. 23 of 2004,
The proposal of the Minister of Justice,
The bill submitted by the Council of Ministers;
And after taking the opinion of the Shura Council;
Hereby promulgate the following Law:


Article 1

 A new Part titled “Part 3 (bis) - Enforcement of the Social Working Penalty” shall be added to the Book Three of the Criminal Procedure Law, to include the following Articles:
Execution of the judgment issued for social working at the entities specified by the Public Prosecutor in coordination with those entities and under the supervision of the Public Prosecution.
The provisions of Articles 353, 354, 355, 356 and 357 of this Law shall be applied to social working penalty.
The Public Prosecution may order postponement of enforcement of the social working penalty, if it is required, for the period it deems appropriate. It may order to undertake the necessary procedures that prevent the convicted person from fleeing.
Article 359 (bis 2)
If the convicted person breaches the requirements of execution of the social working penalty in Article 63 (bis 2) of the aforementioned Penal Code, the Public Prosecutor may, of its own accord or upon the request of the place where the convicted person carries out the penalty, decide to apply the penalty provided for in the second paragraph of Article 63 (bis 1).


Article 2

 All concerned authorities, each within its competence, shall implement this legislation, which shall come into effect and be published in the Official Gazette.


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