Law No. 20 of 1995 Amending Certain Provisions of Law No. 3 of 1975 on Commercial, Industrial and Similar Entities that Conduct Business with the Public 20 / 1995
Number of Articles: 3
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We, Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar,
Having perused the Amended Provisional Constitution, in particular Articles 23, 34 and 51 thereof;
Law No. 3 of 1975 on commercial, industrial and similar entities that conduct business with the public, as amended by Law No. 18 of 1987,
Law No. 1 of 1990 establishing a central municipal council,
Decree-Law No. 20 of 1993 organising the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, and defining its functions,
The proposal of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture,
The draft law submitted by the Council of Ministers; and
After consulting the opinion of the Shura Council;
Hereby promulgate the following Law:


Article 1

 The two expressions “Minister of Municipal Affairs” and “Municipal Council” shall be replaced with the expressions “Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture” and “Central Municipal Council” wherever mentioned in Law No. 3 of 1975, referred to above, and bylaws and resolutions implementing it.


Article 2

 The texts of Articles 1, 20 and 22 of Law No. 3 of 1975, referred to above, shall be replaced with the following texts:
The provisions of this Law shall apply to the following premises:
  1. Industrial and commercial businesses.
  2. Public premises, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, clubs and the like.
  3. Premises of self-employed entrepreneurs, such as clinics, offices and other similar establishments.
  4. Business which create a disturbance or are harmful or dangerous to safety and health.
Without prejudice to any more severe penalty provided for by any other law, any person who opens or manages a business without a licence or in contravention of a licence, or against whom a judgment is issued to close or remove the business, or whose business has been closed administratively, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or to a fine of not less than one thousand Riyals and not more than ten thousand Riyals, or to both.
In addition to the aforesaid penalties, a judgment may be issued ordering the closure of the business for a specified period or permanently, without prejudice to administrative closure or removal.
A sentence of imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months, or a fine of not less than five hundred (500) Riyals and not more than five thousand (5000) Riyals, or both, shall be imposed for every other violation of the provisions of this Law or the bylaws or resolutions implementing it.


Article 3

 All competent authorities, each within its own jurisdiction, shall enforce this Law which shall come into force 60 days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.


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