Law No. 2 of 1987 with respect to the Regulation of Ownership of Real Estate by Citizens of the Countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (Repealed) 2 / 1987
Number of Articles: 11
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We, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Deputy Emir of Qatar,
Having perused the Amended Provisional Constitution, in particular Articles 22, 23, 34 and 51 thereof,
Emiri Order No. 2 of 1986 appointing a Deputy Emir of Qatar,
The Qatari nationality law No. 2 of 1961, as amended,
Law No. 5 of 1963, the inadmissibility of ownership by foreigners of immovable properties in Qatar,
Law No. 14 of 1964, on the real estate registration system, and the amending laws thereof,
Law No. 16 of 1971 promulgating the Law of Civil and Commercial Articles, as amended,
Law No. 6 of 1983, on the Commencement of the Executive Steps of the Unified Economic
Agreement between the GCC Gulf Arab states,


Article 1

 Citizens of countries that belong to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), who are natural persons, shall be allowed to acquire one real estate in the form of a land or building, in organized residential areas in the State of Qatar, by one of the means of transaction between individuals or by bequest, provided that the area of the land does not exceed 3000m2 (three thousand meters squared).


Article 2

 The acquisition shall be for the purpose of residence of the owner or his family. He shall not have the right to utilize the property for any other purpose unless in accordance with that which is allowed by law.


Article 3

 Where the real estate is land, the owner must begin the construction thereof within three years of the date it is registered in his name, and the construction must be completed within five years of that date. Failing the above, the state may seize the real estate and sell it on his account, together with compensating the owner for the same price of the property at the time of the purchase, or the price when it is sold, whichever is lesser. The owner shall have the right to appeal the same before the Head of the Cabinet. The State may extend the period mentioned if it is satisfied with the reasons for the delay of the owner in the construction.


Article 4

 The owner of real estate may not transact in it in a manner that transfers ownership of the same unless eight years have passed from the date it is registered in his name. In the event of extreme necessity, the owner may, as an exception, transact before the passing of such period, provided that prior authorization is obtained from the Head of the Cabinet.


Article 5

 If the transfer of ownership is by way of inheritance, the owner must be treated as citizens of the State of Qatar are treated.


Article 6

 In the event that the person who wishes make an acquisition under this Law holds citizenship in one of the member states of the Cooperation Council by way of naturalization, and does not belong to any of the countries of the Council based on his original nationality, then such acquisition shall only be valid from 5 November 1991, provided that at least ten years have passed since his naturalization.


Article 7

 Citizens of countries of the Cooperation Council, who are natural or legal persons, shall be permitted to rent lands and benefit therefrom, to engage in activity of economic enterprises which they are permitted to practise, together with freedom to transact in this right by way of sale or mortgage in accordance with the dictates of the law.


Article 8

 The regulation prescribed in this Law shall not conflict with the right of the State to expropriate real estate in the public interest, in return for fair compensation to the owner, according to the laws that apply to citizens. This shall not prejudice the right of the owner to acquire another property in accordance with this Law.
The regulation prescribed in this Law shall not conflict with the right of the State to prohibit acquisition or benefit in specified areas for security reasons.


Article 9

 This regulation shall not secure rights better than that enjoyed by citizens. It shall also not prejudice any preferential rights that were applicable in the past or that the State may grant in the future.  


Article 10

 Any provision that contradicts the provisions of this law shall be repealed


Article 11

 All relevant authorities, each within its own jurisdiction, shall implement this law which shall be effective retrospectively from 1st of March 1985 and shall be published in the Official Gazette.


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