Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Security Matters Between the Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar and the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea

The Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar and the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea, (Hereinafter referred to as the "two Sides");
Desirous to develop the relations of friendship and cooperation between them;
Considering that the development of these relations and the enhancement of cooperation and coordination between them will help to develop and strengthen the performance of security services of both Sides;
Convinced of the importance of cooperation in security matters and combating of crime;
Have agreed as follows:

Article (1)
The two Sides will carry out this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) within their respective jurisdictions and in accordance with their respective national laws in combating crime in general and in particular in combating the following crimes:
1. illicit trafficking in dangerous narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their derivatives, chemical substances and related-drugs,
2. terrorism,
3. organized crimes,
4. all types of forgery and falsification,
5. all types of smuggling, in particular the smuggling of fire arms, ammunition and explosives,
6. money laundering,
7. credit card crimes,
8. computer and Internet crimes,
9. breach of security at ports, airports and border crossing,
10. any other crimes that may be jointly decided upon by the Sides.

Article (2)
The two Sides will enhance their cooperation and exchange mutual assistance in combating the above-mentioned crimes and other crimes.

Article (3)
The two Sides will exchange important information related to the above-mentioned crimes, which are suspected to be in preparation or has already been committed.

Article (4)
The two Sides, in order to carry out the cooperation in the area of combating crime in general and to improve the performance of the security organs, will:
1. exchange experiences in the use of the technology of fighting crimes and the techniques and means of criminal investigation,
2. exchange researches and publications in the areas covered by this MoU.
3. exchange means and cadre that assists each side to train security and police personnel,
4. exchange assistance in the areas of the scientific and technical development and training of the police in criminal investigation and the use of equipment,
5. exchange information and legislative instruments related to criminal acts that take place inside or out sides their territories,
6. any other areas of cooperation that may be jointly decided upon by the two Sides.

Article (5)
Either of the two Sides may reject, in whole or in part, any request for assistance made by the other side should it believe that the request conflicts with the sovereignty, national security or the public interest of the state or should the request conflicts with a court order or sentence.

Article (6)
The two Sides will exchange visits and convene meetings between the personnel of the security organs at all level in order to strengthen cooperation and contacts and for each side to learn and benefit from the level of performance of the security organs of the other side. In particular, the two Sides may send delegations on a regular basis to visit each other.

Article (7)
The side requesting information under this MoU shall ensure the confidentiality of information it receives from the other side and shall not provide such information to any third party without the written authorization of the side supplying this information. Any request of information according to this MoU must contain a brief description of the reasons that justify the request.

Article (8)
This MoU shall not affect the rights and obligations arising from the international or bilateral conventions and treaties to which either country is a party, in Case of any conflict, the agreement that realizes the most comprehensive security cooperation shall apply.

Article (9)
In execution of the provisions of this MoU, communication between the two Sides will be carried directly. The first side will be represented by the International Cooperation Department of Qatar Ministry of Interior and the other side will be represented by the Foreign Affairs Bureau of Korean National Police agency.

Article (10)
Any dispute arising from the interpretation of this MoU will be settled by negotiations through diplomatic channels.

Article (11)
The provisions of this MoU may be amended with the mutual written consent of the two Sides, through diplomatic channels.

Article (12)
This MoU will come into effect on the date of its ratification according to the legal and constitutional procedures of each side, will remain in effect for five years and will be automatically renewed for a similar period or periods unless one of the two Sides informs the other side in writing of its desire to terminate it before six months in advance of the date of expiry through diplomatic channels.

Written and signed at Doha on 29/ 10/2009 AD, in two original copies in Arabic, Korean and English texts. Each text being equally authentic. In case of dispute the English text shall prevail.

For /
the National Police Agency
of the Republic of Korea

the Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar: