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19 April 2014 18 Jumaadaa al-Aakhirah 1435
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Law No. 5 of 2002, promulgating the Law of Commercial Companies

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Article 79 -
Starting Date: 02/10/2002

The subscription to the shares shall be made by  a declaration signed the shareholder stating the number of shares he intends to subscribe to, his acceptance to the Memorandum and Article s of Association of the company, his address in the State of Qatar and any other necessary information.
The subscription shall be duly made and without any conditions. Any condition made by the subscriber in the subscription application shall be   and void.
The subscriber shall hand in the subscription application to the bank and pay the due amount upon obtaining a receipt signed by the bank stating the name and address of the subscriber date of subscription, and number of shares subscribed to and paid-up instalments.
The subscription shall be final when the subscriber receives this receipt.

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Law Summary Record
Type of Legislation Law
Name Law No. 5 of 2002, promulgating the Law of Commercial Companies
Number 5
Year of Issuance 2002
Issuance Date 25/05/2002
Corresponding to 14/03/1423 Hijri
Number of Articles 348
Law Status In force
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